Valentines Limerick Competition Finalists


We have managed to narrow the list of limericks down to 5 entries. We would like you to take over and become the Simon Cowell of the limerick world and vote for your favourite.
Make sure to get your friends and family involved!

Finalists are listed below and also how to vote!!

1. Anita McVitie

The precious thoughts I seldom say
The love I feel for you each day
The understanding that we share
The joy I feel cause I know u care
oh how I wish that we could only share
A night at Moran’s Hotel and not have a care : )
Please make this valentines one to remember

2. Tracey Broderick

To say i love u
Would not be a lie
For u my darling
U know i would die
To go to the moran
and see a great show
and to top it all off
Have my hubby in tow

3. Jenny Bourke

You ask me why I love you
My love, I’ll try to tell you
It’s the breath of life you’ve given me
It’s the smile when I smell you
It’s the blueness of your eyes
It’s the way you say you care
It’s the way my soul is incomplete
Whenever you’re not there
It’s the way you hold my hand
The way you look into my eyes
The way you capture my attention
The way you strip me of disguise
It’s the way you make me feel complete
The way you make my smile laugh
And how so naturally you make me see
You’re my other half!!

4. Nicola Brennan

There once was a man who was fine
who brought me to the red cow to dine
He showered me with roses
give ya a clue, he’s not Moses,
of course he’s my sweet VALENTINE

5. Eoin McNamara

It was in the Red Cow when I saw a sweet lass
I just didn’t know how to approach her with class.
I took a quick drink, she had beauty and grace
Her golden brown hair swept over her face.
I plucked up the courage to say my first words
I wanna be her prince in a world full of nerds.
“You look like a princess” is what I meant to say
Instead it came out as “D’ya like Home and Away?”
Lucky for me she was a fan of the Soap
And we chatted away without having a grope!
She wasn’t that type, she wanted to wait
That was fine with me too, I knew it was fate.
Seven years later and we’re still going strong
We’ve started to talk about our wedding song.
You know that it’s love when you feel it inside
It’s a natural feeling, with nowhere to hide.

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The winner will be announced on Friday the 11th of February!